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New Year's Eve & First-of-the-Year Snowflakes

January 1st, 2014 at 08:48 am

Spent New Year's Eve going into the city with some friends. Spent $6 taking the train in, $4 on the subway (already on my card and spotted a friend a $2 ride, which she paid back me in cash), $20 on a ticket to an improv show, and $1.65 on a muffin (I was STARVING by the time we were waiting for the train home). I also got a $4.01 drink at Starbucks, but that was already on my card. All public transport was free after 8 pm, so we went crazy using the subway and train to visit ice sculptures, outdoor concerts, and the fireworks. Got home quite late, around 1:30, but awesome night Big Grin

I'm going to track my monthly and yearly snowflakes this year. Since I put the money from my various little "money makers" in my accounts at the end of each month, I'm starting 2014 with a decent-sized snowflake!

$8.00 rolled coins (still processing, so I'm counting it for January)
$0.77 savings account interest
$1.83 Qmee for December
$2.67 Amazon Mturk for December

All except $0.75 of the interest is going in my Extra Money bucket in my savings account Smile That one is really adding up quickly, and I'm going to use it to fund some of my hobbies...namely going to historical dances and ren faires.

I've also found exactly $8.85 in Canadian money in my house (actually, dad found most of that).

Working on more (six hour) shift tomorrow, then Montreal starting the 3rd...lots to do to get ready before then!

1 Responses to “New Year's Eve & First-of-the-Year Snowflakes”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Overall, for going out on New Year's, I think you did well on your spending. Good job!

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