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Start-of-Semester Spending, Snowflakes, & Snow Snow

January 21st, 2014 at 08:32 pm

I haven't had much excessive or unplanned purchases, but I've still spent more than I'd like to as of late:

$65.00 (haircut)
$115.00 (eye exam and 1 box of contacts)
+$75.00 (mom paid me back for eye exam)
$11.04 (CVS for snacks and dorm stuff)
$3.95 (dinner at Five Guys)
$120.86 (textbooks - and I didn't even buy all of them!)
$6.00 (train ride home for weekend)

I also spent $4.00 on public transport rides, but that was already on my card. Sadly, I now am at $0.00.

For my first snowflake, I got $4.47 cash back from my credit card. Normally I'd match that by adding the same amount to my "extra money" bucket, but since I'm so tight for money at this time I'm holding off. I can see it as covering that Five Guys dinner though Smile

My 5 $5 Amazon cards from Swagbucks credited, so I'm maxed out on those for the month. My $10 Target gift card from my first ever MyPoints cash out finally came as well! My dad also randomly gave me $5 even though I told him not to. I'm hoping for some sponsored blog posts, some more rolled coins, and more Swagbucks rewards before the month is out, but we'll see.

My new January snowflake totals: $52.74 cash, $35 in Amazon, $20 in visa giftcard, $10 Target.

As for the real snow...it's snowing! Quite a lot, actually. Now back to homework, because I can't bet on classes being cancelled tomorrow.

1 Responses to “Start-of-Semester Spending, Snowflakes, & Snow Snow”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Have you looked at purchasing your contacts online? I have done this with my hard lenses at a great discount. You might consider finding a less expensive salon for cutting your hair.

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