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Spending...& First Paycheck!

January 31st, 2014 at 08:15 pm

Today I got my first paycheck! I've been technically hired as a tour guide at my school for a little while now, but we only had training and first shifts last week. So I got $36.94 for 5 hours. Most weeks, I only work 4 hours, so I'll be getting paychecks for 8 hours every two weeks. I would add in more shifts, but I'm not certified yet and I don't really have the time anyway, with my 15-hour-a-week internship, clubs, and four classes >.< But some money is better than none!

I did pretty well on spending:
$4.00 (pizza split with roommates)
$6.00 (giant load of laundry)
$29.99 (new boots-my old ones are disintegrating)

All my other spending has been "subsidized" by pre-earned or gifted gift cards:
$15.01 (DevaGel from Amazon)
$17.73 (Capezio ballet slippers from Amazon)
$15.00 (ticket to Regency dance via Visa gift card)
$4.01 (Starbucks)
$3.37 (Starbucks)

I might be spending a little money tomorrow, as I need new socks and some other necessities. No new snowflakes, but I should have enough Swagbucks for another $35 paypal soon, and my Qmee for the month should come through soon as well.

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